Hello there! First off, you're probably here because you're looking for a bang up to date photo booth that produces gorgeous photos. If not, you don't yet realise it so read on.

A bit about us first; we're a team of creative folk from the midlands with a shared love for photography, design and beautiful things. We set out 2 years ago with the aim to create the best photo booth in the world, and we think we've cracked it, but we're bias, so have a look round the site and make your own mind up.

Over the years we've been to a fair few weddings, and 9/10 times there's a photo booth. Some were ok, some were diabolical and consisted of lots of MDF, a hawaiian backdrop and a £30 camera. None impressed us so that's when we decided that something needs to change so we spent 2 years lovingly perfecting our beautiful photo booth.